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Improved project delivery. Better results.

Project Box makes project management look easy. How?


Take one for the team: Collaboration between departments or company-wide cooperation is streamlined. Project Box consolidates everyone’s work into one central hub. Project team members have one place to go – to update their tasks, collaborate, communicate and contribute.

Rinse and repeat: Why start from scratch? Project Box offers templates and processes relevant to all projects in your company. Commonalities are repeated to provide a base for your next project and cut down on workload. One place to go, live information and automated reports.

A healthy overview: Keep track of where strategic investment is going and get a handle on how a project is progressing end to end. With the ability to visualise strategic initiatives and hand over the reports that back up the milestones, there’s greater transparency and deeper insight into project health.



We introduce Project Box to your business with a simple three-step process:

1)   Evaluate your needs

2)   Get your Project Box up and running

3)   Enhance and customise your options


Review current state of project


Project Box puts all your project details in one place, so milestones are visible, information is updated live and results are transparent. More than a software tool, Project Box is a hands-on, one-of-a-kind project management office.

But, before Project Box can work its magic, we’ll need to take a look at your existing project delivery. This involves reviewing the current state of play and working out what you’re doing well and what could be improved.

We’ll workshop with department heads, project deliverers, stakeholders throughout the company (ie: CEO, CIO, CFO) to nut out your project management health.

This could involve stakeholder meetings, questionnaires and workshops, but mostly it’s about engaging the people on the frontline to learn more about the company’s project management practices, programmes and the current portfolio.

Once we have a clear picture, we’ll put together a report highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Then we’ll make recommendations to improve project delivery and outline how Project Box can help achieve your business strategies.


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Deliver an out-of-the-box Project Management Office

One of the best things about Project Box is how quickly it can be introduced into any business.

Old-school project management offices tend to be cumbersome, expensive and slow to integrate. Project Box is unique because we’ve customised it with high performance, fast delivery features.

This means that as soon as you’ve agreed to take Project Box on board, we’ll get things up and running within a week!

We’ll deliver a Software as a Service (SaaS) portfolio, Program and Project Management Portal (PPM) using Microsoft Project Online, enhanced with third party features.

In English? Quick, ready-to-go features that work immediately, like templates, processes, standardisation and reports. As well as dashboards, resource management, budget management, standard operations procedures and demand management.

Plus there’ll be project team sites, workflows and a collaboration hub so everyone can hit the ground running with projects already underway.

Current portfolios gain transparency, ongoing programs and projects are integrated and you’ll get greater efficiency and better delivery of all project management.


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No PMO is the same, customise it to your business requirements

We know every business has specific project management needs. While Project Box is an out-of-the-box solution with features that work immediately in a number of different environments, we understand the impact of customising to suit your business requirements.

Once you’ve taken Project Box on board, you can opt into a monthly additional service by subscription, to further customise the experience.

This monthly support package delivers governance, bespoke project templates, processes, reports and ongoing project support to further enhance and customise your project delivery.

To maximise the benefit, we’ll look at producing key performance indicators on a monthly basis, using these to build on what you need. We’ll customise dashboards so they’re intuitive. Monthly reports are fine tuned, project schedules enhanced, project delivery focused and training introduced to bring all staff up to speed. We’ll use the current environment analysis to make recommendations on how Project Box can be used to the best advantage in the following month.

Once Project Box is set up and running smoothly, we won’t leave you hanging.

You’ll have ongoing customer service support from our team right here in New Zealand. 

Project Box has project management office consultants and project managers on hand to help. We want to ensure your business strategies are delivered in the best way possible.


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