The proof is in the pudding 


Happy clients talk about the difference Project Box has made to their business.

Most of us are good at ‘business as usual’. Our companies have excellent processes in place and people that know their stuff. But when it comes to a big change, or even lots of little changes, a well-oiled project can help to see us through a time of adjustment or evolution.

Project Box is a ready-to-go project management office that hits the ground running for a fraction of the cost of traditional PMOs. A one of a kind in New Zealand, Project Box is helping medium to large enterprises across the country manage their projects efficiently, with great results. Project Box makes project management look easy.

Project Box fans agree. We’ve asked some of our clients to talk about the ways in which Project Box has helped them manage change in their business. We’ve talked to them about the process of introducing Project Box into their organisations. We’ve also asked them for feedback on using the customised solutions Project Box offers in it’s monthly follow up plan. We think the results speak for themselves…


Grant Strang - CIO, Tauranga City Council 

Prior to engaging with Project Box, our inability to deliver ICT projects and the resultant changes was a significant risk. While risks always remain they are not significant as has been noted following recent external and internal audits and peer reviews.

We now have the right tools in place supported by several key best practice processes. These improvements are allowing us to get a much better insight into project justification and business case development. Overall the key deliverable has been greater accuracy in respect of our programme life cycle. This allows us to be far more informed about strategic project selection. We can now deliver projects through a programme office and using agile approach - shape our resource planning when required. We are much more confident during all aspects of ICT project execution

Laurissa Cooney - CFO, Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi  

“Alex has helped our organisation lift awareness of the importance of projects and associated work around them. He has assisted us in creating a collaborative space in the cloud to further raise this awareness and enable staff at all levels a window into the inner workings of our projects”


“Alex from Project Box has been fantastic, nothing is a problem for him. He is efficient and knows his area of work well'
{  Laurissa Cooney, CFO - TE Whare wananga o awanuiarangi  }